Advanced Microwave Systems Ltd (AMS Ltd) is a  European company in the business of high technology applications. The primary target of the company is the high quality and reliability of the manufactured products.

AMS Ltd is mainly dealing with Research & Development (R&D) and  production of innovative products on the following areas:

Communication jammers for Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping and Direct Sequence military communication systems:

  • Radar jammers.
  • Security Systems Infrastructure.
  • Short range millimeter wave surveillance radar systems.
  • High sensitivity ESM receivers.
  • Spread spectrum satellite communications systems.
  • Direction Finding (D/F) systems.
  • Fast electrical tuning bandpass and notch filters.
  • Planar, wire and waveguide antennas.
  • High power and low noise solid state microwave amplifiers.
  • Medical Microwave & Ultrasound Systems.
  • Traffic Control Microwave Systems.
  • Design services and prototype fabrication.

The company personnel consists of electronics & microwave engineers, with significant experience on the product design and development methods.
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